GREENWELD Newsletter July 3rd 2023

Oct 02, 2023

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🌿 Exciting Update! Join us as we share the latest progress made in the past few weeks! 💥


We are thrilled to announce the successful Roundtable organized by WELDING GREEK INSTITUTE - WGI, bringing together around 50 participants from across Europe. 🌍 Following extensive research and careful selection of skills essential for a sustainable green transition, Greenweld Project Partners is now focusing on a crucial milestone: establishing the core #greenskills and designing an additional competence unit to facilitate this transition.

Our ultimate goal is to issue Green #Welding Certificates upon completion of this project. 🚩


Here's what we have been achiving so far:

✅ Core green skills defined

💪 Additional Competence Unit designing

📢 User Guide for Welders Training Centers in development

🎯 Green Welding Certificates set to be issued


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