Green Weld

Green skills. Environment and climate change. New learning and teaching methods and approaches.

The welding process has a huge impact on sustainability e.g., system costs, raw materials, filler materials, and energy efficiency. Based on the current needs for the green transition and environment climate change, GREENWELD will focus on a very important part of the process chain by:

  • Identifying green skills in future curriculums
  • Revise EWF Welders qualification
  • Integrate new training to cover the green skills
  • Identify and develop new learning methods using VR, Gamification, and Welding simulation.

GREENWELD implementation will contribute to the horizontal priority of the E+ program, Addressing digital transformation in Vocational Education and Training (VET) through the development of:

  • Digital readiness
  • Resilience
  • Capacity

The project aims to increase the capacity and readiness of VET centers to manage an effective shift towards digital education, which has proven to be the most effective way to address virtual training. Digital technologies will be used for education, training, teaching, learning, and assessment.

GREENWELD is aligned with the Digital Competence Framework for Educators (DigCompEdu) and New Bauhaus initiative as promote the bridge between the world of science, technology, and environment leveraging with new green and digital skills to transform how welding is used on our planet to reach circularity, zero pollution, and sustainable impact.

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The relation between goals and priorities are:

  • Identify and develop new green skills to integrate in Welders and Operators curriculum: will have a focus on the fight against climate change as it will integrate green skills.
  • Identify and develop new learning approaches: the new approaches will be greener and will allow using innovative tools and strategies to implement the training.
  • Organize pilot courses to test and assess the new curricula: with the industrial partners, it will be possible to test and assess the training curriculum addressing the market needs.
  • Issue Green Welding Certificates and Diplomas: will recognize the capabilities of the workers using a tool to issue digital certificates and diplomas.

Partners Add value.

Vocational Education and Training Partners: MERCANTEC, CESOL, and WGI Partners will identify and address green skill requirements within the welding industry. They will create and execute new curricula and learning methodologies, ending in the issuance of Green Welding Certificates to students participating in the GREENWELD National pilot events.

Industrial partners: SWISS Approval, Talleres Corral, Quantified Impacts Partners will pinpoint and address skill gaps with a greener approach within the field of welding. They will enhance the industry perspective regarding the upcoming curricula and training materials for welding curricula.

Certification and Accreditation Body: EWF As the representative of the european manufacturing community, this organization will pinpoint green skill requirements within the welding sector. Will develop new curricula and innovative learning approaches, leading to the issuance of green welding certificates.

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